Everyone gravitates to the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee. Let us help you to create a memorable corporate event or create more foot traffic to your next trade show stand or exhibition.

Our mobile Coffee Carts and Coffee Kiosks are available now for your next Conference, AGM, Trade Show or Special Event. Johnny Wray's Coffee can cater for between 50 to 50,000 guests, either in-doors or outside.

What we do?

We provide a complete coffee service for your event, including equipment, signage, cups, coffee and fully trained, friendly staff. Johnny Wray's stand-alone coffee kiosks and barista staff can cater from between 50 to 50,000 guests.
Unlike other companies Johnny Wray's does not serve coffee from the back of a hatchback or van. Instead the staff from Johnny Wray's Coffee work from our custom built Coffee Kiosks or Coffee Carts. Johnny Wray's Coffee can set up in-doors or outside. We can either plug into an existing power outlet, or we can provide our own power from our stand-alone generators.
Each of our staff is a fully trained barista. They have also been selected for their previous hospitality industry experience, impeccable conduct, friendly attitude and dedication to creating a perfect cup of coffee for your guests.
We use our own blend of slow roasted, premium coffee beans, to guarantee a delicious and satisfying cup of coffee that your guests will appreciate. Plus, we use double-wall cups to prevent the cup from collapsing and to keep the coffee at just the right temperature.
Each of our trained baristas engages with your customers, whilst making and serving them a delicious cup of coffee. With Johnny Wray's Coffee, there will be no more staring at someone's back as they work out of the back of a van!
Choose from Johnny Wray's up-market branding, or we can arrange to have your own branding and signage installed onto our coffee kiosks, coffee carts and cups. This ensures that your guests receive a total experience with your brand.
Choose from a variety of pricing options to suit your event. Day Rate. The day rate includes setup and tear down, 2 fully trained baristas and up to 150 cups of freshly made coffee for your guests. Once the 150 cups have been served we will bill you for the balance of coffees that your guests have ordered and enjoyed.
Each package price is based upon an agreed number of cups that you wish to serve. Once the agreed number of cups is reached, Johnny Wray's can continue to serve coffee to your guests who will be asked to pay by eftpos or cash. For a quote, please contact a Johnny Wray's Special Event Coffee Expert.

Event Bookings

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Contact Details

  • info@johnnywrays.co.nz
  • 021.897.057
  • Johnny Wray's Café Limited
    PO Box 90013
    Victoria Street West
    Auckland, New Zealand.


We use only the highest grade of green coffee beans. We then use our own signature roast of seven selected bean varieties, to give a truly smooth and satisfying coffee.
We can cater for groups of between 50 to 50,000 plus people.
Yes, we can set up both indoors or outdoors. For indoors we use our own custom made coffee stations, and for outdoors we have a fleet of custom made, self-contained, coffee trailers.
Our smallest indoor coffee station can be set up in a space that is 1.2 metro by 700mm. This coffee station can be wheeled through a regular sized doorway into your office or meeting room.
We can normally be set up and serving, the first cup of delicious Johnny Wray’s Coffee within 45 minutes from our arrival at your office or venue.
For indoor events we can run off of a regular 240volt power outlet. Our outside coffee trailers can run off either a regular 240volt power outlet, or from a 5 pin 32amp power outlet, which is found at most commercial venues, stadiums or show-grounds. We can also provide our own power using our own quiet, stand-alone generators.
No. We are fully self sufficient and will supply our own supply of freshly filtered water.
Yes our coffee stations and coffee carts can be branded with your corporate logo and message. For more info see our Corporate Gallery page here. To arrange corporate signage please contact our design studio at: studio@johnnywrays.co.nz ( this goes to studio@area32.biz )
We use compostable double walled high quality insulated paper cups.
Our regular coffee cup size is 8 ounces, which ensures a well-balanced cup of coffee every time.
Yes. We have mobile EFTPOS machines and a cash register that we can use at any venue or location.
We prefer to prepare a quote for you before the event. You can then raise a Purchase Order to confirm the event booking. Once the event is completed, we will invoice you, and payment in full, is due within 7 days.
To book Johnny Wray’s Coffee for your next event, please go to our Booking Page, or contact: bookings@johnnywrays.co.nz, or you can call: 021.498.752

Barista Training

Coffee Baristas are in demand. Become a qualified Barista and find part time or full time work. Johnny Wray's is always looking for experienced coffee baristas to work at corporate events, rock concerts and sporting events.

Johnny Wray's Coffee recommends Barista courses from The Coffee Academy.

Click here for more information.

What you will learn:

TCA 001 Introduction to Coffee (Online Course)

TCA 002 Coffee Making Theory (Online Course)

TCA 003 Advanced Coffee Making Workshop (2 Half Day Workshops)

TCA 004 Advanced Coffee Making Assessment (2 Hours)

Work as a Johnny Wray’s Coffee Barista:

When you graduate you could be asked to apply to work for Johnny Wray’s Corporate Coffee. If successful, you could be attending the next Rolling Stones Concert, or the ASB Tennis Classic, where you would be creating delicious and satisfying Johnny Wray’s coffee for corporate guests.

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Contact Details

  • info@johnnywrays.co.nz
  • 021.897.057
  • Johnny Wray's Café Limited
    PO Box 90013
    Victoria Street West
    Auckland, New Zealand.